Precision Instinct: Ryan Braun

The Milwaukee Brewers beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 20-0 Thursday night.  It was the most lopsided loss in the Pirates 124-year history. “It was fun and it was special,” said Ryan Braun, who homered, doubled, singled and drove in five runs. “This game is really so much about failure, particularly as a hitter, that you rarely get a day where everyone is enjoying so much success at the same time.”
“I’ve never been involved in a game like this and I likely never will be again. So, I enjoyed it and I’ll savor it. It’s one to remember,” he said.

Our Instinct: Is Ryan Braun from another planet?  He sure is playing as if hes not human.  He’s now hitting .417, with 5 hr’s, 20 rbi’s, 13 runs, and 4 stolen bases.  If you have him, I’m sure you are dancing a little jig.  If you don’t, I bet you’re wondering what it will cost you to get him.  Answer:  A lot.

Precision Instinct: After an off day on Monday, Ryan Braun has gone complete bananas the rest of the week so far.  He is 7 for 11 with 2 walks, 2 doubles, 2 home runs, 3 stolen bases, 4 runs scored, 6 runs batted in, and hasn’t struck out.  Those are the type of numbers fantasy owners dream about from a player over the course of a week, let alone 3 days.

Braun told The Brewers website that the team has its swagger back.  You got to take him for his word after the pounding he and the Brewers put on the Pirates, out scoring them 36 to 1 in the 3 game series.  The Brewers get set to take on the Chicago cubs at home.  Earlier in the season, the Brewers and Cubs combined for 41 runs in their series at Wrigley field.  Braun was 7 for 14 with 2 home runs and 7 rbi’s in that match-up, including going 2 for 4 with a hr and 4 rbi’s against his next pitching opponent; Ryan Dempster.

We projected Ryan Braun to hit .314 with 38 hr’s, 117 rbi’s, 110 runs scored, 21 stolen bases, and to be the very best outfielder in fantasy baseball, while carrying a value of $33.  Right now, just for fun, hes on a pace to hit .417 with 54 hr’s, 216 rbi’s, 140 runs, and 43 sb’s.  Obviously, it’s absurd to think he can come close to that, but it’s fun nonetheless.  Speaking of absurd, after 15 games Ryan Braun is providing his owner’s over $100 in value.

Closing in on 25 years of following the greatest game in the world very closely. I can remember as a kid how excited I was when a player that I had watched in the minors make his major league debut. The same holds true today. We designed Baseball Instinct with that in mind; getting you the fan excited to get out and see the see the stars of tomorrow - today!


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