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Orioles | SP Chris Tillman solid outing nears call up

Baltimore OriolesBaltimore Orioles SP Chris Tillman gave up one run over six innings for the AAA Norfolk Tides.  He will be called up to start Saturday against the Toronto Blue Jays and should be up to stay.

Our Instinct: Tillman was a little lucky in this start. His BAA was .320. Two starts ago, Tillman had the same BAA and gave up five runs over six innings. Tillman gets a lot of fly balls, which require the defense to do most of the work. When those flyballs find gloves,Tillman succeeds. He did help himself out this time out by striking out seven and walking only one.  Tillman, who is no longer a prospect after logging 65 innings with the Orioles last season, is one of Baltimore’s bright young stars and should have good fantasy value right away.


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