2011 Top 100 Prospects

2011 Top 100 Prospects List

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim1. Mike Trout OF LAA – 5 tools and will stick in CF. He’ll steal bases and hit for some power. Legit all around player who busted out in 2010. Any one of the top 3 could have been #1 for 2011. Ranked just outside of our top 20 last year. Drastically misread the contact ability and amazing season puts him here.

Washington Nationals2. Bryce Harper OF WAS – The teen prodigy. ++ Power and a great work ethic. He’s a gamer who knows nothing but baseball. Should be a senior in High School and he’s playing pro ball. He’ll probably make it to AA this season with Washington in his sights some time late in 2012. Depending on how his pitch recognition and command of the strike zone develop he’s a .250 or a .285 hitter with elite power. All Star either way.

Kansas City Royals3. Eric Hosmer 1B KC – Hosmer is the best pure hitter of the KC system. I think he has the tools to play the OF at a high level if Kila can produce for KC at an above average level at 1B. So we may see the transition some time in 2011 for a 2012 debut. But bat is the best in the organization at 1B so he may force the issue. Ranked #78 last year as we predicted the bounceback.

4. Jesus Montero C NYY – Montero is the most advanced bat in the minors. Plus hit tool with plus power. Good chance to stick at C and be average defensively. Ranked #9 last year but a second half tear and age to level make him special even if he’s not a C long term in most minds.


5. Michael Pineda SP SEA – Man child at 6-7 and has a plus fastball with hard sink. He gets his K’s and GO’s so his tight slider and average changeup will allow him to mature while in the majors. Expect some growing pains, but he has the attitude to think he belongs. Could settle into a #2 or take over as the Ace if King Felix leaves town in 2011.


Philadelphia Phillies6. Domonic Brown OF PHI – (An injury has kept Brown out since Spring Training) Brown made it to Philly in 2010 and seems poised to take over RF some time in 2011. He still needs some time to develop his pitch recognition fully but in time could be a perennial 20/20 player eventually developing enough power to hit 30 HRs as the speed wanes.


7. Shelby Miller SP STL – Miller will need to build up his innings, but we’re looking at a frontline starter in the making with Texas heat ++FB. He has a solid frame and is learning to harness what should be an above average CB and CU. Should power through the FSL and onto AA by midseason with a shot at St. Louis in 2012.


Kansas City Royals8. Mike Moustakas 3B KC – Not much difference in the positioning of the KC star prospects on this list. Moustakas is the most advanced based on level and should see KC full time in 2012. He’s never going to be an on base machine but he possesses a great bat tool and the best power in the KC organization. Expect him to stick at 3B and hit 4th in KC. ETA mid 2011.

Tampa Bay Rays9. Jeremy Hellickson SP TB – #22 on this list last season, he’s ready now and will fall off this list in short order. Expect some growing pains but he’s a pitchers pitcher. Gets GO’s at a high rate and has the arsenal to shut down a major league lineup. Pen him into the Rays rotation for the next 6 years.


Kansas City Royals10. Wil Myers OF KC – Another plus bat for KC. Ranked #48 last year and he didn’t disappoint. We predicted the bat would be too advanced for him to become a major league catcher. Now that he’s moved to the OF expect his bat to mature quickly and his solid pitch recognition to make him a perrenial .300+ hitter with above average power coming over the next few seasons. ETA 2012.

Baltimore Orioles11. Zach Britton SP BAL – A workhorse lefty who pounds down in the zone with 4 above average pitches. He’s ahead of the curve and knows how to pitch a pitchers game. He’s never going to dominate with high K rates but an excellent GB% will make him a good bet to succeed long term against any lineup.


Tampa Bay Rays12. Matt Moore SP TB – Minor League strikeout king topped 200 K’s  in 2010. He still has some development to go through and probably isn’t an ace type, but a good bet to be a solid #2 with #1 upside because of his high strikeout potential. If the Rays give him 2011 and some time in 2012 to refine his command he’s going to be a devastating #3 starter for them when they go Price, Hellickson, Moore.

San Francisco Giants13. Brandon Belt 1B SF – Another prospect that came out of nowhere in 2010 to shoot up the charts. While he could use an additional few months in AAA to settle in from the ride he took in 2010, it seems that his time in SF might be now.


14. Manny Banuelos SP NYY – Banuelos is a diminutive lefty just turned 20, but has the mount presence of a veteran already. His plus change and plus FB are both major league ready and he mixes in a potential plus CB at times. He still needs at least another year in the minors before his innings are built up enough to survive a major league season. But the Yankees may need him sooner and his outstanding command makes him a good bet to succeed.

Atlanta Braves15. Julio Teheran SP ATL – The top arm in a very talented Braves system. Teheran has a plus FB with above average secondaries and good feel for working hitters. Just 20 he still has some filling out to do so there could be some additional velocity. He has a small frame right now and a full season could wear him down. If he doesn’t fill out he could end up as a closer.

Cleveland Indians16. Lonnie Chisenhall 3B CLE – Plus hit tool with above average power and quickly developing strike zone judgement. Chisenhall has the glove and arm to be a very good MLB 3B and the bat to be a #3 hitter for CLE. He keeps his strikeout totals in check already and should develop and even better k/bb ratio as he matures. His simple lefty stroke should prevent him from prolonged slumps.

Pittsburgh Pirates17. Jameson Taillon SP PIT – Pittsburgh is hoping that Taillon will the one who breaks the curse and fulfills his potential on the mound in Pitt. Taillon has over powering stuff and could very well be the arm that turns the organization around. Workhorse frame and Ace potential.


Colorado Rockies18. Wilin Rosario C COL – The best all around tools for a catcher on this list. Rosario could have a power impact bat with the skills behind the plate to be a force. He K’s more than one would like to see but his power is plus and he’ll hit for around a .280 average. 19 HRs in just 270 ABs last year might be a sign of something special for Colorado.


Arizona Diamondbacks19. Jarrod Parker SP ARI – TJ surgery has limited his development time, but he’s still a frontline starter in the making. His plus FB is on the comeback and in time his command will improve to its previous levels.  He should be able to front the rotation in Arizona for a few years eventually settling in as a #2.


Detroit Tigers20. Jacob Turner SP DET – Turner needs time to develop his secondaries to match his plus plus FB. He has a workhorse frame and could be an upper level #2 starter in DET in  due time. The Tigers will push his limits but should have learned enough from the Porcello Project to let Turner fully develop.


Atlanta Braves21. Freddie Freeman 1B ATL – Freeman was #34 on this list last year and didn’t disappoint. He’s ready for Atlanta now and although we could see some growing pains he’s the 1B for the Braves. Will hit for average and some decent gap to gap power. Great glove.


Atlanta Braves22. Randall Delgado SP ATL – Another talented young Braves righty, Delgado is a step behind Teheran in every facet but still has plus tools at his disposal and might be the better bet to remain in the rotation. While Teheran has #1 stuff, Delgado has #2 stuff with a better bet long term to fulfill his potential.


Cincinatti Reds23. Aroldis Chapman RP CIN – Last time on a prospect list and hasn’t been in the minors since last year. He blew major league hitters away last year with 100+ mph fastballs lighting up radar guns at every stop. He’s become a spectacle and its becoming apparent that he is not a starter and the dominant closer role is just a matter of time if his arm can stay attached throwing that hard.

Baltimore Orioles24. Manny Machado SS BAL – This high because he has a good shot at sticking at SS for the O’s. He has average defensive tools across the board and could develop into a .300 hitter with average power as he fills out. Comparisons to A-Rod are unfair and unrealistic but if he sticks at SS it should be at an All Star level.


Toronto Blue Jays25. Kyle Drabek SP TOR – Ready for the majors, Drabek’s stuff is quickly surpassing that of his father’s. A hammer curve and low 90s FB give him two excellent pitches. He’s learned how to be a pitcher on his comeback from TJ and his bloodlines give him a solid shot at a successful run with the Jays starting this season.


Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim26. Jean Segura SS LAA – Came up as a 2B in the Angels system and has possibly the best hit tool in all of the minors. The question at this point isn’t if he’ll hit, it’s how much power and speed will he really have. He’s an above average defender and since the Angels are set at 2B with Kendrick and also have Amarista as a back up there, Segura has been tested at SS and seems like he could be above average there. He should be a .300+ hitter with above average speed capable of 30+ SB seasons and some decent power. He could be special.

27. Dustin Ackley 2B SEA – The transition to 2B went well with the bumps in the road we expected. He’ll need just a little more time develop since the M’s need him to be more than passable and are hoping he can become their infield general. Plus hit tool is progressing and should see time in Seattle in  2011.


Kansas City Royals28. Mike Montgomery SP KC – Big lefty with a plus plus fastball that he can run into the high 90s but works low to mid with the workings of an above average CB and an average CU. He’s still mastering his secondaries but they aren’t far off and despite some arm troubles he seems poised to take a spot in the Royals rotation mid to late 2011.


Texas Rangers29. Martin Perez SP TEX - Perez had a serious off season in 2010 and few account his age to level last year. His stuff was all still there and Perez owns a plus FB, plus CU and above average CB. He’ll repeat Double A and should show much better production his second time around. UP: Ace, Down: diminutive lefty could bust, but that is highly unlikely. The kid is talented.

Tampa Bay Rays30. Desmond Jennings OF TB – Jennings has been injured and now blocked in Tampa. He has the tools to be a top of the order threat and the extra time in Durham should give him an advantage once he gets going late 2011 for the Rays. He’s getting a little old for a prospect so that is cause for concern. But still has a bright future.


New York Mets31. Matt Harvey SP NYM – Harvey was possibly the most talented college arm to come out of the 2010 draft. He’s a big kid with a workhorse frame. His low 90s FB is matched with a slider and CB but the Mets are developing the CB in the FSL. His CU is a work in progress but already showed some flashes. His physical presence is impressive and he looks like he knows he’s good when he’s on the mound. Potentially the Ace the Mets have been longing for.

Colorado Rockies32. Nolan Arenado 3B COL – Arenado has done nothing but hit since being drafted. Some think he’ll need to shift to 1B, but as a High School SS he has the ability and the arm to stick at 3B which is a need in Colorado. He has the bat to hit .300 and slug 30+ HRs per season in time. He is the best all around hitter in the system at age 20.


San Diego Padres33. Casey Kelly SP SD – Another son of a major leaguer, Kelly was a SS/SP and the Red Sox kept him on the mound before shipping him to SD as one of their top prospects for A-Gon. The Pads hope that Kelly will be able to front their rotation in a couple of years as the key piece in the trade. I think his mix of 4 solid pitches and good command give him a solid shot to settle into the #2 and the stadium will only help.

Kansas City Royals34. John Lamb SP KC – Another Royals lefty poised to take the next step, Lamb, has three possible plus pitches. He works low 90s with a plus CU and the making of an excellent CB. He’s not as physically talented as Montgomery, but is more polished and currently a better pitcher.


Cincinatti Reds35. Devin Mesoraco C CIN – After a couple of years of inconsistent performance showing flashes of plus power, Mesoraco seemingly put it all together in 2010. His plus power is now evident as a tool he’ll carry to the majors and his defense has come along to be well more than adequate. Whether he gets the chance in 2011 will depend on health in Cincy and if the Reds stay in the Central race. He might be the spark they need mid season.

Arizona Diamondbacks36. Paul Goldschmidt 1B ARI - A pure power hitter who everyone keeps saying will eventually be stopped by better pitching. I think he’s Paul Konerko reincarnate. Konerko’s not dead you say? True. Well Goldschmidt has elite power, owns left handers and handles right handers well. He’s a 1B so his profile needs to stick this year for him to be a regular in 2012.


Chicago Cubs37. Brett Jackson OF CHC – Jackson is a toolsy OF who balances his game with hustle and talent. He’s never going to be a burner and he’ll never be a premier power threat, but solid at all facets of the game he’s going to be a fixture for the Cubs. He doesn’t have any glaring weaknesses that should hold him back. UP: 20/20 seasons in his prime.


Atlanta Braves38. Craig Kimbrel RP ATL – The Braves closer of the future and the future starts in 2011. A heavy mid 90s fastball with a solid curve that commands well. He’ll mix in an average change which is rarely need. He’s a dominant closer and should have a long and bright career.


Los Angeles Dodgers39. Jerry Sands OF LAD – Sands is one of those players that should be falling behind the competition because of a lack of any elite tools, but I don’t think he really cares. All that he’s ever done is hit and hit for power at every level of his development. LA is weak in the OF and Sands could be the 2011 answer. He could prove to be a solid regular with 25-30 HR power in his prime.

Toronto Blue Jays40. Brett Lawrie 3B TOR – Shifting over to 3B for the Jays, Lawrie, seems to be ahead of the curve for his age on the offensive side of the ball. He doesn’t have great speed but should be good for 10-15 SBs. He’ll show average power with an average bat. I don’t see many .300 seasons but .275/20/10 wouldn’t surprise me. The Jays will try and make him stick at 3B. I don’t think he’ll be very good there. But he is athletic enough to pull surprise me.

Atlanta Braves41. Mike Minor SP ATL – While Minor doesn’t have any plus pitches he does have plus movement and excellent command. He can add and subtract from his pitches and knows how to work hitters. The added velocity he showed in 2010 makes him a strong candidate to be a #3 starter long term. Good frame should put in solid innings work.


Houston Astros42. Jordan Lyles SP HOU – #1 pitcher in the system with #2 upside. Lyles has moved quickly through the system and has been young for every level. Regardless of age he’s been overly successful at each stop. His low 90s FB is nothing special but an above average CU makes it a better pitch than it really is. Add in an average slider and plus command and you have recipe for success long term.

Cleveland Indians43. Jason Kipnis 2B CLE – Kipnis surprised many in 2010 with a transition to 2B which he really took to. The bat was never his question mark and he showed why. He still needs to learn the nuances of 2B but is athletic enough to figure it out. He has an above average hit tool and will show decent power. He’s not much of a base stealer but should prove to be a solid regular.

Detroit Tigers44. Nick Castellanos 3B DET – If he could have handled the transition to pro ball as a SS he might be ranked above Machado, but his bat will play up as a 3B and he has a chance to be a very good defensive corner. He projects as a possible .300 hitter and should develop into a 20+ HR threat.


Chicago White Sox45. Chris Sale RP CWS – Sale was my top overall pitcher coming out of the 2010 draft and he didn’t disappoint in his debut. If the White Sox give him time to develop into a starter he could be a #2 with a plus plus fastball and two above average secondaries. But it looks like the Sox will be keeping him in the pen and groom him as the closer of the future. A mistake in my book.

San Diego Padres46. Anthony Rizzo 1B SD – Rizzo possesses a plus bat with above average power. The power will be sapped by Petco but he’s no doubt the future at 1B in SD. He’ll hit for a .275 average with 20+ HR and be a plus defender at 1B. He should see San Diego some time in 2011 and be their long term in 2012 and beyond.


San Diego Padres47. Jaff Decker OF SD – With less power than Rizzo, Decker is still the best all around hitter in the system. He’s had some injuries and isn’t the best defender but he could prove to be a .300 hitter with decent power generating some 20 HR seasons.


Kansas City Royals48. Jake Odorizzi SP KC – The gem of the Greinke trade, Odorizzi, is a tough righthander that was the top arm in MIL. He takes a bit of a back seat to more advanced arms in KC but he has the upside to be a future #3 starter. He has good size with an above average 3 pitch combo and command. His mechanics are clean and future physical growth could take his fastball into plus territory.

Washington Nationals49. Wilson Ramos C WAS – Since being buried behind Joe Mauer in Minnesota he’s a name that is highly touted. But a plus defender with a very good arm and a good bat. He’s had plenty of time to develop and now has a clear path to the majors in Washington with a young pitching staff to make his own. Ramos should be the answer the Nats are looking for as Ramos proves the trade of Capps was a smart one.

Cleveland Indians50. Alex White SP CLE – White has a solid average FB to go along with a plus splitter that is his put away pitch. The addition of a previously abandoned slider has put him in the mix for a 2011 rotation spot. He’s a groundball pitcher with strikeout ability and a frame to eat some innings. #3 starter as soon as 2011.


Los Angeles Dodgers51Trayvon Robinson OF LAD – Switch hitter with plus speed and a chance at average power. He’s an all around player and has a good chance at seeing time in LA in 2011. Possible 20/20 seasons in his future and could steal 30 a few times early in his career.


Cincinatti Reds52Yonder Alonso 1B CIN – It seems like Yonder has been on this forever. He’s knocking on the door as his power comes back from the broken hamate  bone a couple of years ago. He’s going to be a good defensive 1B but just can’t hack it elsewhere although the Reds are going to try and pass him in the OF.  He’s blocked in Cincy so a trade will come around the deadline if the Reds are in it and Votto is healthy.

Minnesota Twins53Kyle Gibson SP MIN – Gibson is ready for a test in the majors and has little to prove at Triple A any longer. He’s not going to be a typical Ace but does have the 3 pitch arsenal to be a #3 starter or push for the 2nd slot in the rotation because he’s so solid on the mound with his command. Low 90s FB with a good slider and change.


Cincinatti Reds54Yasmani Grandal  C CIN – Grandal hit at The U in Miami and has continued that in his first season. He’s going hit for average power and has an average bat with above average tools defensively. The Reds have some real depth at catcher but Grandal is probably the best defensively.


Cleveland Indians55Drew Pomeranz SP CLE – Pomeranz is the big lefty workhorse ala Andy Pettitte. He has a plus FB for a lefty and a plus knucklecurve that is a strikeout pitch. He still needs to iron out his delivery and with that should come better command. His change up projects to be average and will give him the 3rd pitch to stay in the rotation as a midline starter.


Arizona Diamondbacks56Tyler Skaggs SP ARI – Just 19 right now, Skaggs has the projection that could take this cuurent potential number 3 lefty into true frontline starter territory. He’s tall with room to fill out and take his low 90s FB into the mid 90s and compliment an average CB and changeup that’s coming up around average.


Kansas City Royals57. Danny Duffy SP KC – Duffy walked away from baseball last season, but came back with a renewed love of the game. He’s another lefty and has low 90s heat with the ability to take it mid 90s in shorter stints. His changeup is actually his best pitch and is a put away pitch a notch below a Cole Hamels. He also uses a CB that is not quite average and is probably better suited with a hard slider. He’ll make an excellent closer but the Royals will push him in the rotation and he may work well at the back end.

58Gary Sanchez C NYY – Very young and mostly projection. He still has a lot to learn behind the plate but has the tools to be at least above average behind the dish. His bat is already showing enough to be special and he’s flashing advanced power for a teen. He’s far off but could be a special bat/defense combo behind the plate. ETA: 2014.


Atlanta Braves59. Brandon Beachy SP ATL – Beachy is not flashy and does nothing that screams ace type. But he does do a lot of things right and he puts out the attitude that he belongs on the mound. Low 90s FB can get up to 94-95, a sharp curve and an average CU work well with his ability to pound the zone on the outside and not give into hitters strengths. He’s smart and good bet to succeed in the rotation as a 4-5.

Boston Red Sox60Anthony Ranaudo SP BOS – The steal of the Sox draft, Ranaudo is a big righty with a plus FB that works low to mid 90s with excellent movement and command. He works both sides of the plate and has a plus curveball that he compliments with an average changeup. Due to some injuries he’ll need to time to enter into workhorse mode and build innings, but the Red Sox can give him that time.

61Dellin Betances SP NYY – Betances fell off of a lot of lists last year due to injury, but the big righty came back to prove his tools pre-injury were in fact legit. His mechanics are lacking in my opinion but he’s still using two plus pitches in his downhill mid 90s fastball and a spike curveball that might be a plus plus pitch in time. His changeup is behind due to his lack of development time but is good enough for him to stay in the rotation. #3 and if they can get him to develop better leg extention in his delivery an uptick in velocity gives him #2 starter upside.

Los Angeles Dodgers62. Zach Lee SP LAD – Lee was considered a tough sign and I projected him to go the Dodgers because of their financial troubles. If he didn’t sign no big deal. This was a steal by the Dodgers. His fastball is plus in the low to mid 90s and he has additional projection with it. His changeup flashes plus as well and his athleticism is well above average. If he can polish his curveball over the next couple of years he could be a solid #2 starter.

Washington Nationals63. Danny Espinosa 2B/SS WAS – Above average power and speed up the middle is always a premium in fantasy baseball and Espinosa is just that type of player. He could be a 20/20 MI and has the arm and glove to even stick at SS long term. He’ll probably be the Nats 2011 2B across from Ian Desmond and stick with them for the long run.


Texas Rangers64Jurickson Profar SS TEX – Profar is a young SS with the projectable power and frame to be a corner OF in the future. But right now he’s proving that he has the chops to stick at SS. As an 18 year old in full season ball he shows a true 5 tool set and should be able to stick at SS long term with above average power. He’s a long way off but has immense talent and the Rangers weren’t afraid to push Elvus Andrus so Profar could move fast.

65Carlos Martinez SP STL – Martinez has a true 80 set fastball that he can ride into the high 90s with good movement. He’s only 19 but has shown the ability to work in a potential plus changeup with a sharp curveball. He hasn’t even seen full season ball yet, but the Cards will be tempted to push him to the FSL by midseason and he could be just one step behind Shelby Miller on the minor league depth chart. His small frame will need time to develop and fill out. If he does there is upper rotation material here. If not, his fastball is so good that a power reliever could be his floor even this early.

Los Angeles Dodgers66Allen Webster SP LAD – Webster has the makings of a solid MLB rotation mainstay. He’s still growing into his frame and as he does he’s adding to his velocity. An average changeup and potential average curveball give him the three pitch mix he needs. He has solid mechanics that allow him to repeat his delivery and keep the ball down in the zone. He’s a couple of years away but should continue to add to the K numbers as he matures and has a pretty high floor.

San Francisco Giants67Zack Wheeler SP SF – Top 100 last season before having what proved to be a learning curve. He flashed the dominance expected but his lack of command in the zone led to short outings and more walks than one would like to see. With his power stuff he just needs to learn to trust his strengths and realize how difficult it is to actually hit a high 90s fastball. His secondaries are still a work in progress but he showed improvement as the season went on. A jump in both command and his CU/CB combo would see him rocket up the charts. Special tool set.

Philadelphia Phillies68Jonathan Singleton 1B PHI – After a blistering start to 2010, Singleton came back down to earth in the second half. While his first half power display erased doubts about translating his raw power into game power he still needs to learn how to control the strikezone. His balance at the plate is very good and he should be able to grow as a hitter and become an average power threat. My biggest concern is his lack of a path to the majors. He’ll need to prove he can handle an OF corner and then keep on hitting at a high level. He’ll hit, but can he find a home in the OF.

69Nick Franklin SS SEA – Franklin has a big swing to go along with his above average speed. He has good power but will need to tame his strikeouts if he’s going to get the most out of his speed. Though even if he doesn’t become more of a hitter his power is legit and he will fill out more and keep a lot of that power. A legit 20/20 type middle infielder. Might need to move off of SS in time due to arm. There a big pluses and some negatives to this skill set.

Boston Red Sox70Garin Cecchini 3B BOS - Cecchini is another steal for the Red Sox from the 2010 draft. Cecchini could very well be the best pure hitter in the Sox system and would have been passable at SS. They moved him to 3B and the only question at this point is if he’ll have enough power to be a star at the position. The defense and bat are plus tools.


Houston Astros71Delino DeShields Jr. 2B HOU – DeShields, Jr. is another prospect with elite speed and a slight frame. But he projects to add weight and has the raw power that projects to keep pitchers honest. His speed still needs to translate but he has the baseball bloodline that says he’ll be an elite threat much like his father. If he can stick at 2B and develops even close to his full potential he’ll be an All-Star type.

Colorado Rockies72. Charlie Blackmon OF COL – A compact frame and compact hitting mechanics come together for Blackmon into a solid corner OF. He has enough bat against both lefties and righties to keep from being a platoon OF and the speed to give him some nice upside. His average power translates well into games and his speed and instincts make him a threat on that base paths. With a little more Triple A seasoning and an opening in Colorado he could turn into a 20/20 player with additional upside.

Oakland Athletics73Grant Green SS OAK – Green is a bat first SS by all accounts. There isn’t much doubt that he’ll hit at the next level but staying at SS is going to be a very tough road. Chances are good that he slides over to 2B in time. He has 20/10 skills and the transition to 2B shouldn’t be difficult and will suit his arm better.


Toronto Blue Jays74Jake Marisnick OF TOR – True 5 tool outfielder has shown flashes of brilliance early in his career but is still a way off of reaching his potential. If he can become a true hitter by becoming a student than he has the tools to turn in 30/30 seasons could even handle CF although a move to RF is probable based on his size.


Philadelphia Phillies75Trevor May SP PHI – May had what some consider to be a season to forget in 2010, but I disagree. I think the lessons learned by being demoted to Low A have given May the chance to make his mechanics more fundamentally sound. Even while struggling in the FSL he struck out 90 in 70 innings and then dominated in Low A. With a low to mid 90s fastball and a curveball in the 70s he has two plus pitches could add a changeup that should be average. We’re talking a high K rate pitcher in time with mid rotation stuff.

Tampa Bay Rays76Hak Ju Lee SS TB – Traded by the Cubs to Tampa for Matt Garza, Lee was the Cubs top infield prospect and moves to that same post for the Rays. He’s a slick fielding SS who will stick there easily. He’ll have average pop and put pressure on teams with his speed from the left side.


Toronto Blue Jays77. JP Arencibia C TOR – The Jays 2011 catcher, he’s a power first player. His power is close to elite but until last season he didn’t make enough contact to really get the most of his best tool. But 2010 was a year that he dominated Triple A. With a solid arm and improving defensive skills he’s going to a lock behind the plate until Toronto can develop its younger talent and he could hit 30 HR along the way.

Atlanta Braves78Arodys Vizcaino SP ATL - One of the Yankees top pitching prospects traded to the Braves for Javier Vazquez. A trade the Yankees will probably come to regret. Vizcaino had to deal with an elbow injury but did not need Tommy John surgery to correct it. He’s back in 2011 and will need to prove that he’s healthy. But a plus fastball and plus curveball give him huge upside. It’s scary when a partially torn ligament isn’t repaired though. A setback of that magnitude would be terrible at this point in his development.

Minnesota Twins79Liam Hendriks SP MIN – While he doesn’t have any plus pitches right now, Hendriks does have plus command and has a low 90s fastball, above average slider, changeup and curveball along with a cutter. So his arsenal is deep and he knows how to use it. He’ll never be an ace type but he has mid rotation potential.


Tampa Bay Rays80Chris Archer SP TB – The Rays got a haul for Matt Garza from the Cubs and Archer was consider the Cubs top pitching prospect. He has a plus fastball and above average slider, but he still has a lot of work to do before he becomes MLB ready. His changeup is lacking and his command has been erratic. But with enough time he does have #3+ upside.


Boston Red Sox81Jose Iglesias SS BOS - A plus plus defender with an excellent arm. He’s this high on the prospect charts because of his glove. It’s that advanced. But his bat is only average and he’s not going to have much power. His speed is also average and he’s not a great base runner. Not a fantasy baseball star. But he’ll be on a lot of highlight reels.


Los Angeles Dodgers82. Rubby de la Rosa SP LAD - An electric fastball that touches triple digits. He has a smaller frame but its solid and a big reason for his jump in velocity. His secondaries are a step behind but he should be able to work in an average changeup and his slider could be better than that when he learns to command it better. High upside as a starter or reliever.


Florida Marlins83Matt Dominguez 3B FLA – Dominguez in time should be a decent hitter with some power. But we’re talking about .275/15 seasons which is lacking for a 3B. His calling card is going to be some gold glove caliber defense and a very strong arm.


Chicago Cubs84Trey McNutt SP CHC – McNutt came on strong last season and flashes a plus fastball and average curveball. His fastball gets on hitters fast even though it lacks movements. He’ll need time to develop his changeup in order to stick in the rotation and has mid rotation stuff if that happens. Possibly a power reliever.


Los Angeles Dodgers85. Dee Gordon SS LAD - If Gordon had any chance to be more than 155lbs we would be talking about one of the top 10 prospects in all of baseball. But he’s not and he he won’t be. His speed is still elite but he hasn’t become a great runner. No power and average defense make him an average SS with great speed. He’ll be a major leaguer. His bat is good enough and if he can become a true leadoff hitter by taking walks he’ll be an excellent player. But he’s knocking on the door and that still hasn’t happened which limits his upside much as his size does.

Cincinatti Reds86Billy Hamilton SS CIN – Plus plus speed and an advanced approach at the plate for his age gives  Hamilton a chance to be an above average leadoff man and possibly win a few basestealing crowns. He lacks any true game power but his speed is so elite that it may not matter. His defense at SS is questionable due to a below average arm but he’s a good defender and could handle SS or 2B long term.

San Diego Padres87James Darnell 3B SD – After a stellar 2009, Darnell scuffled through most of 2010, but once again lit it up at the end of the year flashing his big bat and plus eye. He should hit for above average power and solid on base skills. He may not stick at 3B but could handle the position if needed.


San Francisco Giants88Gary Brown OF SF – Plus speed with a solid compact stroke. He’s going to stick long term in CF and his speed will make him a viable leadoff hitter. With some development time he’ll need to better learn to work counts to fully utilize his speed but his bat should be good enough anyway.


New York Mets89Jeurys Familia SP NYM – Familia had a first half to forget in 2010 but came back around in the second half to show why he was one of the most exciting arms in the Mets system. Familia has been young for each level and struggles can happen in the situation. He has a plus plus fastball that can touch triple digits but he works in the mod 90s with a hard slider and what should be an average changeup. His frame will make him a viable #2 or #3 innings eater. Nice upside.

Washington Nationals90Brad Peacock SP WSH – A little slighter in size than most mid 90s fastball throwers, Peacock, generates pretty smooth mid 90s heat with a plus spike curveball that gives him a solid strikeout pitch. He needs to refine his changeup to combat lefties but has the mix to be a mid rotation starter He has excellent command of his fastball even though it lacks the movement that would make it plus plus. Mid rotation high K total starter.

91Zack Cox 3B STL – Cox has a smooth all fields swing from the left side. He isn’t the prototypical power hitting corner but could hit for average power at either 3B or 2B. He has the arm to handle 3B but the Cardinals are known for moving players to 2B and Cox would be a prime candidate. He should move through the system quickly.


Colorado Rockies92Tyler Matzek SP COL – Matzek was clearly a top talent coming out of High School and it was considered a coup that the Rockies were able to sign him away from a commitment to Oregon regardless of the high bonus. Matzek has a great frame and plus plus fastball. The downside is that he doesn’t repeat his delivery and his mechanics are still a work in progress. Because of this his command suffers drastically and his development of his secondaries has not come along. Still uber toolsy so I won’t cast aside. Yet.

Minnesota Twins93Miguel Sano 3B MIN – A young corner infielder with plus plus power projection. He’s already a beast at over 230 lbs so there is some concern as to if he can even stick at 3B and if not where does he go besides 1B. So conditioning will be very important. But the power upside is significant, we’re talking 30+ HR per season. But he just turned 18 so this is all projection and upside. The odds of him hitting that peak is not the highest which is why he is near the bottom of this list. 2011 will be a telling season.

New York Mets94. Fernando Martinez OF NYM – He’s been on this list for years it seems and that is true. But Martinez has fallen in status everywhere even though he’s still only 22 years old and has an extensive minor league career and major league experience. He’s been hampered by nagging injuries season after season but still owns the the skill set that made him an elite prospect. With the Mets close to rebuilding mode I think F-Mart will get every chance to succeed in Flushing and he has the talent to do that at a high level. As long as he can stay healthy.

San Diego Padres95Jedd Gyorko 3B SD – Gyorko is not going to be the typical power hitting corner, but he is a solid bat that should hit close to .300 with 15+ HR power. He has enough arm to stick at 3B but might actually not get a chance if Darnell continues to develop. He could fit in LF if his power develops a little more because a power right handed bat is tough to come by in San Diego. I do see the chance that Gyorko can develop more power which would move him higher on this list.

Pittsburgh Pirates96Stetson Allie SP PIT – Allie is the only other pitcher from the 2010 draft to possess a true 80 power fastball besides team mate Taillon. But his command is going to be a work in progress because his mechanics are all out balls to the wall effort. He does ring it up into the high 90s and touches triple digits. I thought that Allie would be a RP coming out of the draft because his secondaries are so far behind his plus plus fastball and still see his future as the closer on a competitive Pirates team.

Florida Marlins97Christian Yelich 1B FLA - Another 2010 HS draftee, Yelich is a textbook lefty with sweet swing  mechanics and a nice feel for the strikezone. He’ll develop average power in time and has a projectable frame. He’ll need to time to learn the OF and with a below average arm he’s likely slated for LF as a pro especially if Gaby Sanchez is still in Miami.


Los Angeles Dodgers98. Kenley Jansen RP LAD - A converted catcher, Jansen flashes near triple digit heat with a solid slider and a confidence that he shouldn’t have yet. He’ll never be a starter but could eventually be the closer for the Dodgers. Only his second year pitching. Dangerous.


New York Mets99Wilmer Flores 3B NYM – His frame still shows projection and his power is coming along. But he’s no SS and 3B is going to be a stretch as well. Best bet is a power hitting corner, possibly RF or 1B. Still very young but has been a top prospect for a few years already.


Oakland Athletics100Mike Choice OF OAK – Plus power with a chance to stick in CF. Plus athlete with excellent bat speed. Choice will probably never be a high average type but he could provide enough pop to warrant being a regular and move to a corner OF spot if needed. Its the upside that makes him so deserving a spot. He has all 5 tools in projection and if it comes together right this is a special kid. High upside with the same type of downside risk.

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