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Yoennis Cespedes, OF MLB Free Agent


Height: 6’0″ Weight: 215

So it begins.  Teams are lining up to have Cuban outfielder Yoennis Cespedes work out for them.  It will take some time to get his Visa requirements worked out and for Major League Baseball to officially declare him as a free agent.  Things could get very interesting though, as 2 teams looking to make a splash this off season, the Florida Marlins and the Chicago Cubs look to be big time players.  You can bet that the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox, and likely the Detroit Tigers will be in the thick of things as well.

The Marlins will be opening the 2012 season in a new stadium and are eager to put an exciting product on the field, have reached out to free agent’s SS Jose Reyes and 1B Albert Pujols.  Now they’ve hit the road and were the first team to size up Cespedes.  Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post wrote that Marlins’ president David Samson, baseball ops president Larry Beinfest, general manager Mike Hill, and hitting coach Eduardo Perez attended a private work out for the Marlins on Friday in the Dominican Republic.  “We had our top baseball people there,” Samson said. “They were certainly impressed with his ability, He’s got to tools. He’s certainly an impressive player.”  Samson said the team’s baseball operations department was determining if they think Cespedes is ready for the major leagues.

“We think we’re a great fit because we are Miami. We are a natural destination for any Latin player,” Samson said.

“I think that he agrees but we have to see if we can make a deal that makes sense for both parties.”

Hitting coach Eduardo Perez also attended Cespedes’ workout. Cespedes is not a free agent yet and the Marlins have not made an offer.

“He’s an exciting player and we will see if he’s a fit,” Samson said.

The Cubs, who brought in GM Theo Epstein this off season, also will be looking to make a big splash and add some excitement to Wrigley Field.  John Arguello of The Cubs Den and friend to Baseball Instinct, wrote on Sunday that Cubs’ are planning on working out Cespedes.  The Cubs understand that it will take as much as the $30 million that Aroldis Chapman to land Cespedes away from the Red Sox, Phillies, Indians, Blue Jays, Pirates, Rangers, Tigers, Nationals, Athletics, Marlins and Yankees who are reportedly interested in him as well.

Baseball Instinct’s own Tom Belmont believes with all the hype and teams involved it will probably be closer to $50 million to get a deal done.  If you didn’t catch his fantastic article last week, right as the frenzy started to take off around Yoennis Cespedes, make sure you catch it here: Prospect Instinct | Yoennis Cespedes, OF MLB Free Agent.  Undoubtedly, we will have several more updates on the Cuban Import as the year winds down and he is declared a free agent.

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