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The New York Yankees have been hit hard with injuries from the top to the bottom this season, especially when you’re talking about pitching.  We’re going to take a look at the progress of these pitchers so far in this season.  All leagues are now underway and it’s an interesting time.  With the new CBA in place in baseball and the signing deadline just 2+ weeks away, most players have already signed and are already playing.  This hasn’t been the case in the past and the 2011 class is no exception.  Along with 2012 draftees making their debut, you also have a good number of 2011 players doing likewise.  Let’s get down to business with the Yankees.

AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees

Manny Banuelos LHP – Age 21 – Throw out each start before each trip (2) to the DL this season and his numbers are as impressive as his stuff.  However, what is concerning is in the 2 DL stints themselves.  He missed nearly a month in April with a back problem and now has been out a month plus with an elbow issue.  He sits at 0-2, 4.50 ERA, 22/10 K/BB 0ver 24 innings.  He had a 3.83 FIP and a high .360 BABIP.  He’s still young for his level and there’s plenty of reason to believe he will fit into the Yankees rotation – but it’s not going to be this season as many had hoped for.

Dellin Betances RHP – Age 24 – There’s no nice way to say this.  Betances has been down right awful this season  He’s 3-5,6.39 ERA, 71/69 K/BB over 74.2 innings.  Nothing wrong with a .293 BABIP, but a FIP of 5.88 is terrible.  Look, the guy has great stuff, but horrible mechanics that just keep getting worse.  Can the fix him?  That remains to be seen, but without a fluid repeatable motion the results will be a lot like his last 2 outings:  8 hits 11 BB 9 ER over 7.2 innings.  If he wasn’t a project before, he certainly is now and they need to get him out of the fire of AAA.

Adam Warren RHP – Age 24 – At 5-5,3.86 ERA, 59/27 K/BB over 86.1 innings, Warren isn’t blowing people away, but he’s got a very consistent 3 pitch repertoire.  He will make his major league debut on Friday for the Injured C.C. Sabathia.  He takes with him an FIP of 4.23 and a BABIP of .323.

AA Trenton Thunder

Brett Marshall RHP – Age 22 – Marshall has added some movement to his pitches since having TJ surgery back in 2009.  He’s made steady progress since the surgery as more of a complete pitcher than just a thrower.  He’s not blowing people away at AA, but he’s getting the job done.  He stands at 8-3,3.09,54/30 K/BB over 90.1 innings.  Really the only concern here is that his K/9 is down to a career low 5.44.

Mikey O’Brien RHP – Age 22 – The 2008 9th round pick keeps making the slow journey towards the majors.  His got a record of 8-2,3.16 ERA, 61/32 K/BB ratio over 82.2 innings split between the FSL and the EL.  He’s working plenty of innings and could be a decent longman out of the Yankees pen before too long.

Graham Stoneburner RHP – Age 24 – After an impressive 2010 season in the FSL league, Stoneburner hasn’t been able to stay healthy since.  He managed to go 0-0 with a 1.46 ERA and a 10/2 K/BB ratio over 12.1 innings before hitting the DL.  It was a pinched never that cost him 3 months in 2011 and its 2 groin injuries that have shelved him twice this season.

A+ Tampa Yankees

Shane Greene RHP – Age 23 – He’s 1-2 with a 3.81 ERA and has a 56/27 K/BB ratio over 59 innings this season.  This is a far better showing than in the past 3 seasons, but he continues to be too old for the levels he is at.  He might find a job down the line in a major league bullpen, but before we get carried away we will have to see how he does against better seeing-eyed hitters at higher levels.

Nick Turley LHP – Age 22 – The big 6’6″ 230 pound longshot 2008 50th round draft pick continues to rise above expectations.  He’s 3-3 with a 3.71 ERA and has a 54/19 K/BB ratio over 53.1 innings on the season.  He still has a long way to go to scratch the radar of prospect hunters, but he pitches with heart and could find his way at the very back-end of a rotation or in the pen at the major league level.

Zachary Nuding RHP – Age 22 – Another big fellow at 6’4″ 250 pound, Nuding is 4-2 with a 3.88 ERA and has a 46/12 K/BB ratio over 51 innings.  He has an excellent 2.59 FIP on the 2012 season.  He works in the mid 90’s, but can dial it up to 98 occasionally.  His change-up and curve ball are works in progress, but show signs of being at least average.  He’s looking like another power arm out of the pen for the Yankees down the road.

David Phelps RHP – Age 25 – Phelps started the season with in the majors, going 1-2 with a 2.94 ERA and had a 29/13 K/BB ratio over 33.2 innings out the Yankees bullpen.  The Yankees sent him down to the FSL when David Robertson was activated from the DL, with the intent on stretching Phelps out to start.  With the rash of injuries to Yankees starters – majors and otherwise, it shouldn’t be too long before he’s back up.  He’s currently 0-0 with a 0.00 ERA and has a 5/1 K/BB ratio over 5.1 innings with the Tampa Yankees in 2 starts.

A Charleston RiverDogs

Jose Campos RHP – Age 19 -  We saw Campos early in last season and were really the first to talk about him.  Not much was said about him until after he was traded to the Yankees from Seattle as part of the Jesus Montero deal.  He started the 2012 season off even better than we advertised, going 3-0 with a 4.01 ERA and a 26/8 K/BB ratio over 24.2 innings before heading to the DL.  He got torched in his last outing, where he was clearly injured and skewing his ERA on the season.  He’s been on the DL since the end of April with inflammation and we still hear that the elbow is sore.  There’s no time-table for his return despite the insistence that he won’t need TJ surgery.

Bryan Mitchell RHP – Age 21 – Mitchell is 5-5 with a 4.21 ERA and has a 66/34 K/BB ratio over 62 innings on the season.  He’s creeping up the Yankees ranks and is a player to watch.  He works in the mid 90’s and can touch 98 with some sink on his four seam fastball and sits in the low to mid 90’s with his two seam.  He’s got a nice 12-6 hammer curve in the 78-81 mph range.  His change-up is looking better and better, but has yet to develop into a consistent repeatable pitch.  If he can develop this into an out pitch, he will move quickly.  He should see some time in the FSL this summer.

SS Staten Island Yankees

Nick Goody RHP – Age 20 – Goody was recently drafted by the Yankees in 6th round of the 2012 draft.  He’s 0-0 with a 0.00 ERA and has 5/1 K/BB ratio over 3.1 innings on the season.  He picked up his 1st pro save on Tuesday night after saving 11 games for LSU this season.

Taylor Garrison RHP – Age 21 – Garrison followed Goody in the 2012 draft, being selected in the 7th round.  He’s 0-0 with a 1.80 ERA and has a 5/0 K/BB ratio over 5 innings out of the bullpen.  He too had 11 saves on the college season, his coming with Fresno state.

Derek Varnadore RHP – Age 21 – The 2012 9th round pick split time between starting and ultimately in the bullpen for Auburn on the 2012 college season.  He’s 1-0 with a 2.35 ERA and has a 7/2 K/BB ratio over 7.2 innings out of the pen for Staten Island.

James Pazos LHP – Age 21 – 2012 13th round pick from the University of San Diego.  He’s 1-1 with a 2.70 ERA and has an ugly 4/9 K/BB ratio over 6.2 early innings.  He had 4 saves to go with a 5-1 record and a 2.14 ERA on the college season.  He also posted a 63/21 K/BB ratio over 63 innings.

Andrew Benak RHP – Age 22 – He’s 0-0 with a 1.80 ERA with a 6/2 K/BB ratio over 5 innings on the season out of the bullpen.  It remains to be seen if he remains there though as he was a starter for Rice before being drafted in the 14th round of the 2012 draft.  He went 7-2 with a 2.70 ERA and had a 72/18 K/BB ratio over 66.2 innings as a senior for the Owls.  Staten Island has a lot of arms and this is probably a case of limiting innings on a pitcher fresh off of a long college season.

Stefan Lopez RHP – Age 21 – If you haven’t noticed a theme here yet, well, I don’t know what to say.  Lopez was selected in the 16th round by the Yankees.  He went 2-1 with a 0.61 ERA and had a 42/5 K/BB ratio to go along with 20 saves over 29.1 innings for Southeast Louisiana this season.  So far he’s 0-0 with a 0.00 ERA and has a 2/0 K/BB ratio over 3.1 innings in the NYP.

Tim Flight LHP – Age 22 – The 2012 17th round draft pick out of Southern New Hampshire University is 0-1 with a 7.11 ERA and has a 4/2 K/BB ratio over 6.1 innings in 2 starts.

Dietrich Enns LHP – Age 21 – The 2012 19th round pick from Central Michigan is 1-0 with a 0.00 ERA and has a 6/3 K/BB ratio over 6 innings out of the Staten Island bullpen.

Gabriel Encinas RHP – Age 20 – Hey, indeed a pitcher on the Staten Island roster not selected in the 2012 draft.  Encinas was selected in the 6th round of the 2010 draft and spent his 1st season in pro ball in 2011 in the GCL.  He’s 0-1 with a 3.36 ERA and has a 4/1 K/BB ratio in 5 innings over 2 starts this season.  He went 3-0 with a 5.08 ERA and had a 46/18 K/BB ratio in the GCL last season.

Taylor Morton RHP – Age 20 – Also from the 2010 draft (9th round) and also spent most of 2011 in the GCL.  He’s 0-1 with a 1.64 ERA and has a 4/4 K/BB ratio over 11 innings in 2 starts for Staten Island.

Rookie GCL Yankees

Jordan Cotes RHP – Age 19 – The Yankees 2011 3rd round pick is making his pro debut this season in the GCL.  He’s 2-0 with a 1.00 ERA and has a 11/2 K/BB ratio over 9 innings.  6’5″ 215 pound kid from New England is someone to keep an eye on.

William Davis RHP – Age 19 – Also a 2011 draft pick, Davis was drafted in the 14th round and is making his pro debut in 2012.  He’s 0-0 with a 3.38 ERA and has a 3/1 K/BB ratio over 2.2 innings on his young career.

Hayden Sharp RHP – Age 19 – The 6’6″ 2011 18th round pick wasn’t very sharp in his 4 inning debut in 2011 in the GCL.  He’s back to give it another shot and is 0-0 with a 7.36 ERA and 4/3 K/BB ratio over 3.2 innings.

Rony Bautista LHPAge 20 – Despite 2 ugly seasons in the DSL, the 6’7″ Dominican is making his North American debut.  He’s 1-0 with a 0.00 ERA and has a 10/6 K/BB ratio over 6 innings.  He’s an interesting player.  He’s said to be very raw, but has good stuff.

Angel Rincon RHP – Age 19 – After striking out 60 batters in 60 innings in the DSL in 2011, Rincon brings his stuff to the states.  He’s 1-0 with a 0.00 ERA and has a 3/0 K/BB ratio over 5 innings on the season.

Luis Niebla RHP – Age 21 – The 6’2″ native of El Fuerte, Mexico had a nice 2011 campaign in the DSL.  He now comes state-side where he’s off to a 0-0 start.  He has a 4.50 ERA and a 2/2 K/BB ratio after 1 start

Giovanny Gallegos RHP – Age 21 – joining fellow Mexican Niebla, Gallegos is making his pro debut in 2012.  He’s 0-0 with 0.00 ERA and has a 4/1 K/BB ratio over 4 innings on the season.

Rookie Dominican Summer League Yankees 1 & 2

Rafael De Paula RHP – Age 21 – Making his pro debut, The Dominican De Paula is 3-1 with a 2.49 ERA and has a 31/9 K/BB ratio over 21.2 innings.  He looked very sharp on Tuesday, going 5 innings while giving up 0 hits 0 runs 1 BB and striking out 7.  He could be headed to the GCL very soon.

Dallas Martinez RHP – Age 17 – The Yankees keep finding talent from Mexico, and Martinez is looking very good so far.  He’s 0-0 with a 2.00 ERA and has a 15/5 K/BB ratio over 18 innings.

Luis Severino RHP – Age 18 – The young Dominican is 1-0 with a 1.50 ERA and has a 17/5 K/BB ratio over 18 innings so far this season.

Moises Cedeno RHP – Age 16 – Cedeno from Panama, will be 16 for the entire 2012 season and is getting a rude introduction to pro ball.  He’s simply been very wild.  He’s 0-1 with a 15.12 ERA and has a 5/12 K/BB ratio over 8.1 innings.  Very young, but a raw talent nonetheless.

That’s it for the Yankees organization pitching report.  Check back soon for other organization reports and much more.

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