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Baseball Instinct ProspectTube – R


We’re taking what was once only available by searching through YouTube and putting the best of the best videos right here in one place. It’s searchable by the first letter of the players Last Name.

That will take you to that letters page and there you can find the players in the database with some of the best video.




If you find video out there that you think should be in the Baseball Instinct ProspectTube, please send it in to us and we will have it added. Email us right here at

If you’re out there taking video and you want to be a part of Baseball Instinct or you just want to have your video posted here please contact us. We’re looking to expand our team and/or always looking to build on the network.

Videographers – Make sure you are monetizing your YouTube videos and every click-through will allow you to profit.

We look forward to building our team and hope you’ll decide to work with us.

-Team Baseball Instinct

Baseball Instinct – Do You Have It?

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