Baltimore Orioles v Seattle Mariners

2012 MLB Draft Signing Deadline: Day 28

Happy Independence Day on this July the 4th of 2012. We are less than two weeks from the Signing Deadline and to be honest with you, there isn’t going to be a whole lot of drama this time. Sure there will be the Mark Appel negotiations and the Washington Nationals doing everything they can to ... Continue Reading →
Starlin Rodriguez

St. Louis Cardinals Top Hitting Prospects | Touch’em All 2012

The St Louis Cardinals are a great organization from top to bottom.  They have a tremendous pitching staff in the minors, however I don’t think they get the credit the deserve for the great hitting they have throughout all levels.  Each year you hear those who jeer or mock the Cardinals selections ... Continue Reading →
Illustration of a baseball eclipse with light rays.

2012 MLB Draft: Live

We’re here LIVE at Baseball Instinct as the draft is just about to start. We’re going to be here from pick to pick to give you our opinion on the selections and the talents. Last year we would have selected a kid named Dylan Bundy. A pick that would be working out nicely at this point of ... Continue Reading →
InstinctDraft Preview

2012 MLB Draft Preview 51-75

  Day 3 of our Draft Preview and we pick up on pick #51. Again, this is not a prediction of who will be selected where come Monday when the first selection is announced. It’s rather a list of the top talent available in the draft. Some are considered un-signable while others are simply top talents ... Continue Reading →

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